‘Campus Life’ Starring Jesse McCartney Now Available on JumpView

Feb 13, 2013
Film/TV, News & Gossip

Jesse McCartney‘s new movie Campus Life is now available for purchase on the innovative JumpView format that allows viewers to watch individual character storylines independently and out of sequence according to personal preference. ‘Campus Life’ is priced at $4.99, and you have three days to watch the movie as many times as you choose. Watch the official trailer and read the synopsis below to find out what ‘Campus Life’ is about.

The college experience – studying, dating, partying… but when one of their classmates disintegrates right before their eyes, Ari, Becca, Izzy, Greta and Arun must battle security, the griefers and each other to uncover the truth about themselves and this other-wordly campus before they are all eliminated.

Click here to watch a preview of ‘Campus Life’ and purchase the movie!


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