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Jesse McCartney New Album in TechnicolorJesse McCartney's new album In Technicolor comes out Jul. 22, 2014! Pre-order the album on iTunes now and be one of the first ones who listen to the album.


Who is Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter and actor from Ardsley, New York. Jesse McCartney has emerged as a multifaceted artist who continues to expand and make his mark in the entertainment industry.

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1st - Bello Magazine
13th - Annex Magazine
18th - The Palms Pool performance
21st - Today Show performance
22nd - 'In Technicolor' release
25th - In Technicolor Tour begins
27th - 101.3 KDWB performance
30th - Young & Hungry (EP. 6)


2nd - Q107.5 performance
6th - Young & Hungry (Ep. 7)
27th - Young & Hungry (Ep. 10)


Click here for tickets and VIP.
Jul. 25th - Charlotte, NC
Jul. 27th - Minneapolis, MN
Jul. 28th - Chicago, IL
Jul. 29th - Louisville, KY
Jul. 30th - Cleveland, OH
Aug. 1st - New Orleans, LA
Aug. 4th - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Aug. 5th - Lake Buena Vista, FL
Aug. 6th - North Myrtle Beach, SC
Aug. 8th - Silver Spring, MD
Aug. 9th - Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 12th - Irving Plaza, NY
Aug. 15th - Jackson, NJ
Aug. 16th - Huntington, NY
Aug. 17th - Wallingford, CT
Aug. 21st - Detroit, MI
Aug. 22nd - Indianapolis, IN
Aug. 23rd - Cincinnati, OH
Aug. 25th - Houston, TX
Aug. 26th - Dallas, TX
Aug. 28th - Las Vegas, NV
Aug. 30th - San Fransisco, CA
Sept. 1st - West Hollywood, CA
Sept. 2nd - San Diego, CA
Sept. 4th - Anaheim, CA

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